The wedding party that is currently being loved by many people, is a minimalist and intimate concept. This caused the number of invited guests to be cut completely and choose places that fit the concept, such as villas on the island of the Gods. You can choose Uluwatu Wedding venue by applying a few tips for a villa party. Come check the reviews below!

Tips for Organizing a Wedding in Uluwatu

1. Concept of Events and Budget

A party to tie two people in a household dip is a dream of many people, so many people are competing to choose the right venue. Not infrequently, people choose a place in a villa because they can hold quite intimate and unique events. This venue was chosen because it usually provides an outdoor location suitable for a wedding party.

Outdoor wedding locations can use the concept of a garden party, like the one at The Surga. This villa on the Island of the Gods can be designed in a very unique and beautiful way, so that it will impress the guests and the bride and groom. You can carve memories that will last a lifetime for a party that is relatively pocket-friendly.

2. List of Invitations

Everyone certainly has a different number of friends, from elementary school to college. Not yet added with colleagues or colleagues from parents who added to the list of invitees. This makes you have to prepare more funds if everyone on the list is invited to the wedding party.

This cannot be done when choosing the Uluwatu wedding venue because the capacity of guests that can be loaded is quite limited. Therefore, this venue is suitable for those of you who want to have an intimate party with family and close friends. Choose a few people who are very close and want to be present at this special moment so that the costs you incur do not increase.

3. Location

There are many choices for those of you who want to hold a wedding party, such as in a building or hotel. Both are perfect for people who want to invite lots of guests on their special occasion. However, the price issued is certainly proportional to the size of the place chosen, so you have to be more selective in choosing a location.

The right location for a minimalist and unique wedding party, which is a villa with adequate facilities. You don’t need to rent a place to stay for a family who is coming, because this villa has provided it. In addition, choosing a location at one of the best Uluwatu wedding venues at The Surga ( ) can also be designed simply according to the desired party concept.

Weddings in the modern era do not rely on grand locations anymore, but their prices have soared. Many people are turning to the concept of an intimate party with limited guests and a small location. This choice is perfect for those of you who want to hold a party at the villa with the intimate party concept.

3 tips for holding a villa wedding in Uluwatu

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